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Hang in there

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Life is a journey up this big impossible ladder

Most of the time we climb it well

Sometimes we slip and find ourselves hanging
on by our finger nails

Sometimes it saps so much energy, the will
is sourly affected

Sometimes we are doing the climbing for others
who piggy back on our energies

Other times you even have some trying
to push you off the ladder

And when you shout for help, no comes

Most of the time we are so engrossed in our ladders
that we cannot see others struggling

But you hang in there

The climbing will get easier and you will become
stronger and wiser

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This can't be more true! I can't even describe how this poem makes me feel! Just very very true and I'll keep this in mind every single time, I'll feel down and out!

that is true all the way only haters will try and knock you off but hang in tight and sometimes its the people you never expected to try and knock you off uggggggggggggggg the things people do to get to the top

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