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I wonder where that wave started
As I sit upon the shore,
Gazing into the moonlit night
Pondering what waves are for.
Are wave’s God’s ways of showing
Be the seas, tempestuous or slight
That in spite of our not knowing
His plan will work out right?

I wonder where that wave started
Was it from an oceans floor?
Surging upwards through the tides
To end on this sandy shore?
Did it learn from its long journey?
As through time its power belayed
Its purpose, to tell the story
Of how our destiny is made.

Waves fade away to ripples
Beyond the gales and rain
What do they tell the sands of time
Enriching it grain by grain.
Do they tell the mystery of ages
Of man’s purpose on this shore?
Does our soul journey beyond our lifetime
Or are we dust for evermore?

Offshore the wind is rising
Showing off its power by night.
The wave crests rise and bellow
Changing from grey to foaming white.
Rejoicing in their power
Glad that they are strong
As the little ripple smoothes the sand
Away from all the throng

Please little ripple
As you creep into the sand
Why aren’t you with the others?
Dancing with the band
Can't you  fathom the storm’s force?
As the tide turn to the ebb
As you quietly go your way
Seemingly, to die in bed?

The ripple smiled - if it could smile
And spoke in softened voice.
`I’ve come ashore this final time.
Because I have the choice.
Once I roared with furious anger
Stood higher than a city
And tumbled down upon these shores
Crashing without pity`

`I’ve spent a thousand lifetimes
Crossing all the oceans of the world
Seen the delights and sorrows
Of each path unfurled
But my journey now has ended
On this shifting glimmering sand
My Holy Grail at last to find
The destiny of all mankind

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Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE the poem. I love wave poems, and it's because poets like you. Great job! Keep writing

that poem is awesome

That is one great poem

! this poem is excellent it really explains a lot about the waves ........ 10/10

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