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I'll Never be Quite Good Enough by Sadia

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I’ll never quite be good enough
They carry on thinking I’m tough
That I can take their jokes and jeers
They don’t hear my cries or see my tears

Try to hide the marks and scars that are always there
Can't ever go out with my face bare
Catch myself thinking why me
Why is pretty what I can’t be

Will I ever know what it feels like to be desired?
Will anyone ever tell me I’m hired?
People like us don’t fit into workplaces full of clones
To them we’re just skin and bones

They don’t wanna look us in the face and see what we’re feeling
Our success always cut off by the glass ceiling
Invitations seem to get lost in the post
Social occasions and I become a ghost
It’s ok to show myself when they need me though
Used and abused, then I’m dismissed and free to go.

Personality liked by many but run a mile after the face is seen
It’s probably best if I only talk to people behind a screen
They sacrifice my company for their reputation instead
So I lay crying for hours on my bed

Nobody tries to convince me looks can’t be why
The hallow feeling doesn’t go so I continue to cry
Sometimes I think my few friends only befriended me out of pity

Maybe I’m just a charity case and they felt guilty.

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Very well expressed

my best friend gone threw the same emotions I just want to say though you may not always feel that way there are people that really cares and don't think of you as a charity case... so keep your head up or else you may just walk past a open door full of opportunity'

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