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Being Anorexic By Terry Killeavy

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As I sat on our park bench
I longed to look like that Dawn French
But cos' I'm ill and far too light
People think I'm just not right
But it's an illness, I should know
Because I've never felt this low
And when I see those catwalk queens
They look like me, when I'm in jeans
But they are loved and chased with glee
But no one wants to talk to me

So when I'm well and getting strong
I won't be thin, well not for long

And when I'm asked what skinny is
I'll say don't go there, this is bliss

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i like the way u think :).. your a very talented poet and i did want to look like those models but u have honestly changed my THANKYOU your my inspiration :)..

This was a really good poem. It must have been really hard and wish that everyone could see this poem.

this is a really inspirational poem... and very well written

this is really good........I'm glad someone realized being thin isn't everything

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