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I'm okay... by yasi

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I'm okay
I'm okay
When I see the world face on I smile
When I hide away in my room I cry
I have two sides
One is real
One is fake
One is who I want to be all the time
The other is what kills me inside
Tears of joy
Tears of sorrow
Both different emotions shown through the same action.
One hurts so much you want it to stop
The other one I long to feel

I want to run far away
But where ever I go I am still there
I want to scream and shout to the world
But I am afraid of being heard
I want to love
But fear rejection
I want to reach for the sky
But I fear I may fall
I long for perfection
So I beat myself up
I want to be held
But never let go

I don't want to be fake
I want to smile and mean it
But admitting the truth isn't so easy
Its not just ripping the band aid off
Because its not just a sting
Its an ongoing pain
But its how you choose to live..

Hide away and it hurts inside
Like a dark room
Alone and scarred with no light to move forward

Memories haunt as I try to live
But tell the world the pain is shared
Its easier to stand up straight
Face the world and say..

I'm okay
I can smile
Share tears of joy
Reach for the skies
Put my heart on my sleeve

And I know I can smile and say......
I'm Okay!

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Yes you are OK :-)

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