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The two that came to stay.. by box7162

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They arrived quite when expected... but not together of course,
The first although well prepared for, was actually a panic or worse,
I was knocked out and missed it completely,
  in fact I was quite disturbed,
He didn't even notice, he still had his welcome,
  and was not at all perturbed.

Well... they were the most demanding guests I'd ever seen,
Always hungry, or thirsty or needing something clean,
They'd drop - I'd pick up, they'd spill - I'd mop -
  till not strength in me would remain,
They would whinge, I would scream
  & repeat to them both "I'll never do this again"

They're both reassuringly handsome,
  they're also well mannered and kind,
They speak clearly,
  with clever assertion and they definitely know their own mind,
I'm proud to be their confidante, their advisor and their friend,
I'm always there to cheer them on,
  pat their backs or give comfort at the end

Each day they do something that makes me smile or feel proud,
If I am small or unimportant they reassure me out loud,
That I'm loved and I'm valued, as of course - no doubt - are they,
And how complete my life is now that they have come to stay.

To Zak & Luke, love from Mum

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