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If only angry words could cease,
And a end to all the fears,
To find a little of the peace,
To wipe away all tears.

If only not lay the blame,
Because what would that be,
A reason for things to be the same,
And not what we both should see.

If only I thought before I spoke,
Trying not to shout and curse,
Tears well up and begin to choke,
Its making matter worse.

If only I responded with a smile,
Instead of with a frown,
If only I thought for just a while,
And not have my head bowed,

If only I hadn't been so selfish,
But thinking just of you,
Eyes shut tight and with a wish,
That’s what I want to do..

I miss you each and every day,
When you are not near,
There are things I want to say,
As I blink away a tear.

Just for you my heart will still beat,
My love will never go away,
Just my fears to defeat,
I love you more than words can say.

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Every good poet loves you and your poems so don't stop writing there we love you.

beautifully structured and heart felt.. i write mostly prose but the rhythm in your verse flows wonderfully

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