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The Misunderstood By Andy Evans

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We are the kids so misunderstood

Just because we wear a hood

Police just hate us

Attitude no good

Have to change it

Wish we could

Standing on the corner up to no good

That's what the pensioner thinks chasing us off with a piece of wood

How does he think this will change a thing

We will just come back give his door bell a ring

Leave us alone to do our thing

We don't have to give your door bell a ring.

Down at the shop, yes we are there again

Same old thing but in the rain

Dirty looks from passers by

Attitude is all wrong I wonder why?

Hassle a woman she starts to cry

Don't do much she runs on by

Along comes this bloke throwing his weight

He wonders why we follow to retaliate

He is one we are many

When will people learn we are ready!

Government has lost control

All they know is ASBO

What will they do

When there kids start to break the rule?

No one knows it has to go this ASBO!

Do-gooders have spoilt the day,

But they had to have there say

The parents that do seem to care

Seem to get no were

The law hits them the hardest

Don't give a shit that seems the way

And maybe these kids will go away

But don't think this will be the end

Because into government some of these kids will ascend.

So what rules then will be brought into effect

To stop the country from becoming derelict

With drugs as they are

Used to buy a new car

No jobs for the young that are legal

Pay for them is not enough they start at the back of the line

So to hang around on the corner and plan an even bigger crime

Is the answer the youngsters say

So raise the tax make life even harder

And drive the ones who belong away

Seems to be the order of the day.

Become an MP and have your say

The people will still go away

That's if they can afford it

With nothing to do and no were to go

Have a guess who will still be on the corner ?

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