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Downsideup by Andrew Coxhead

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While I walked down the lane I whistled the strain of a tune that was home in my mind,

When a shock made me jump a sharp pain in my rump , someone just kicked my behind.

As I rubbed my rear end my eyes did descend and I thought I was dreaming in bed for I gazed on the form of a small leprechaun  who was stood upside down on his head!

To make an inquisition I used this position and balanced myself on my crown and we both said "Hello." and "Well what do you know" as we stood in the road upside down.

His name it was Jed. "Why do you stand on your head?" I asked "It makes no sense to me."

"I was rather unwary of a mischievous fairy until it was too late." said he.

"So when you go jogging..."

"I bounce on me noggin but I save a few pence on shoe leather."

"and when it rains I suppose..."

"It goes straight up down me nose but you just can't account for the weather!"

So after a while with a wave and a smile I watched him bounce off down the road.

"I'm feeling contrary." said a mischievious fairy and 'BLINK' turned him into a toad.

"Oh I say that's not fair" cried I with indignant air then a feeling of fear and of dread.

As she said "Is that so BEHOLD and LO!!!" and left me there stuck on my head.

So that's your lot
A tale you got
a good one I spun and that's that
and now I must go down the road don't you know and purchase myself a hard hat!!!


not sure what that meant but i'm sure it has a good meaning to it good work!!! :]

Very good

That is so good! You have the spirit of Lewis Carroll, with the cheek of a certain Xander..

Enjoyed your poem. Light hearted and fun . Malspeth.

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