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Chapter One


I sat on the edge of the world by John Ashall
"I sat on the edge of the world a thinking"

Being Anorexic by Terry Killeavy
"As I sat on our park bench"

I’m Sorry Alex . . . Anon
"I didn’t want to lose you;You were my best friend"

Blue Eyes by cjc1992
"Her eyes are as blue as the summer sky"

Downsideup by Andrew Coxhead
"While I walked down the lane I whistled the strain of a tune that was home in my mind"

The Misunderstood by Andy Evans
"We are the kids so misunderstood"

An ode to my brother by adeysal
"subtle as a brick, the size of a house"

Wounded Wings by Anon
"Wings, without emerald feathers"

If Only by Adrian
"If only angry words could cease"

The Cool Breeze by Dawn Norris

Amelia by Broadhurst
"Even though our time was short, your presence hardly known"

The first time... by MBR
"All weekend I could smell you in my hair"

The two that came to stay.. by box7162
"They arrived quite when expected... but not together of course"

I'm OK by Yasi
"I'm okay, When I see the world face on I smile"

Not the Place to Be by John Ashall
Places are visited"


May after May by Joanne
"After so many birthdays"

Glory of the day by John Ashall
"Forgot what day it was, Wanted to keep it a secret from myself and others"

A moment after sleeping... by Betty Blueprint
"When I awake and I'm already thinking of you"

A Beginning by by Ian.T
"There in infinity dwelt a silence of a void"

Sometimes and Always by Thumphries
"Sometimes I forget Just for a split second, I forget"

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