May after May by Joanne

After so many birthdays
I’m trying today to undo
lots of untouched presents
Still lying in the dust
Of some remote rooms
In my memory.
I’m not using a knife to cut ribbons;
Poor old threads,
Worn out and colourless!
Too many knives, too many times
Have searched high and low,
Not today!
I’m being light and soft
As  a snowflake
Whirling through those thin thoughts
Packed up and still waiting
To become a new present
To somebody else.

There is a great feel to this poem even if I can't quite understand all the words


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Latest Comments
gave me a tightness across my chest, heartfelt. Great poem.
I Tried a Million Times

I really like it, and have written similar so I know where you are coming from. Good stuff
I’m Sorry Alex

My brother is dying from liver cancer and this poem says it all.  Thank You..  You took the words right from my heart
My wonderful amazing much loved brother

very heartfelt..I know the feeling
Knew someday it would have to end

i love it :)
Hang in There