There in infinity dwelt a silence of a void
The void with its glow, pulsed Alpha and Omega
Here is where man in his limited ways cannot be
For infinity has no place for time or things like man

The glow pulsed for an instant, was this infinity
Born of the voids of timeless distance and space
Infinity stirred pushing, pulsing, spreading outward
Once again pushing itself into the birth of being

Filling the eternal void as it exploded outward
The further it pushed into being there was the light
Spurred on by its release into the short eternity
So once again Alpha reached out its hand for Omega


I sense a great poem here, Your description of eternity is awesome, though I don't understand everything you say.


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gave me a tightness across my chest, heartfelt. Great poem.
I Tried a Million Times

I really like it, and have written similar so I know where you are coming from. Good stuff
I’m Sorry Alex

My brother is dying from liver cancer and this poem says it all.  Thank You..  You took the words right from my heart
My wonderful amazing much loved brother

very heartfelt..I know the feeling
Knew someday it would have to end

i love it :)
Hang in There